2022 Pricing

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At X-Peditions, we seek to offer high value for dollar, which results in a significant percentage of our travelers returning for future trips. We are happy to announce that there will be no price increase for 2022. Pricing* for either of our 2022 Vietnam trips is $3699, and includes:

  • visas
  • required in-country Covid insurance
  • single-occupancy lodging in our home-base cities**
  • in-country group transportation
  • several group meals
  • group outings in Hanoi
  • overnight rural trip
  • all classes
  • individual and group editing sessions
  • all location fees and gratuities

Please note that as of 2020 our trips no longer include airfare, with prices having been adjusted accordingly. If you are inexperienced at international travel, we’ll be happy to help you to select a flight, guide you through the process, and provide as much individual help as you need in order to be comfortable with the travel arrangements.


*We offer a $50 discount for those who choose to pay by check.

**We’ll stay double occupancy for one night in a family lodge when we visit the Ninh Binh region on our overnight trip.