Covid Considerations

The past two years have taught us not to take anything — especially travel — for granted. Here are some of the steps we are taking to ensure we can minimize risk on our trips to Vietnam.

First and foremost, all participants must provide proof of full vaccination before being accepted into one of our workshops. This is not just for your safety as an individual, but also for our safety as a group.

If you have a medical reason or a personal belief that precludes your being vaccinated against Covid-19, then this trip is not for you. There will be no exceptions to this policy. In fact, we also strongly suggest that you are boosted to the best level that your country offers. This is common sense, and offers the best bang-for-buck protection for all of us.

Vietnam has done a very good job of fighting Covid as a country, and their vigilance continues. As of this writing, they are still requiring a negative test either before entering or upon arrival. As we approach our travel dates our advice will be for group members to take precautions to minimize your potential exposure in the weeks before the trip. We don’t want anyone arriving in Vietnam Covid positive.

Vietnam is currently requiring all visitors to obtain medical or travel insurance that covers COVID-19 treatment with a minimum liability of USD$10,000. Our local producer in Vietnam will handle the arrangements on behalf of our group members, and we will cover the cost of the insurance.

Visitors to Vietnam are required to download and install the country’s PC-Covid app, which includes both contact tracing and, for Vietnamese nationals, vaccine records. The contact tracing app has proved to be an agile and effective weapon to help Vietnam fight Covid. Turns out that living in a country where the government can just order you to install an app can sometimes have its benefits.

We will mask, as required, in our personal interactions. Masking rules are still pretty fluid as of spring 2022, and we expect them to continue lessening over time. Currently, mask usage in Hanoi is not very different than it is in most US cities.

We understand and expect that both the overall situation and Vietnam’s covid policies will continue to evolve between now and November. Expect us to be in regular touch with you as any changes occur.

At X-Peditions, we are structuring our embedded costs and related payments in such a way as to as to ensure the best possibility of refund in the event our plans are altered by Covid. There will be some costs that are not recoverable — entry visas, for example — but this will be a small percentage of the overall expenses.

We suggest you make your own plans with the same considerations in mind. For instance, you may wish to delay the purchase of your air tickets until a little closer to departure than usual as we continue to keep an eye on the pandemic.

We recognize we are still in a potentially fluid situation. At X-Peditions, we place a high level of importance on health and safety, and our decisions are made with that in mind. In 2020, we proactively and quickly employed a liberal Covid refund policy. Our standards have not changed since then, nor will they in the future.