From Our Travelers

Our goal at X-Peditions is to put you in an amazing place, give you plenty of guidance and instruction, and then turn you loose to see what you can find. All photos on this page are the work of travelers on our previous trips.

A valley full of rice awaits fall harvest in Nam Sai, Vietnam. © Jill Sanders / X-Pedition Hanoi 2019
Patrons dine at a small restaurant at dusk in Havana, Cuba. © Bob Plotkin / X-Pedition Havana 2018
Basketball players enjoy a pickup game against a colorful backdrop in Havana. © Jeremy Lasky / X-Pedition Havana 2018
 A stylist gives his client a shaved-side haircut in a modest barber shop in Havana. © Larry Gassan / X-Pedition Havana 2019
Bicyclists and an antique sedan meet at an intersection in Matanzas, Cuba. © Chris Davis Cina / X-Pedition Havana 2019
A young couple talks over drinks at a bar in Hanoi. © Neil Thomas / X-Pedition Hanoi 2019
Patrons on scooters and bicycles pass through a wet market in the Old Quarter in Hanoi. © Michael Grigoriev / X-Pedition Hanoi 2019
A vegetable seller watches the ballet of street life in the Old Quarter in Hanoi. © Glenn D'Souza / X-Pedition Hanoi 2019
Young boys arm wrestle in a city square in Sapa, Vietnam. © Mike Jett / X-Pedition Hanoi 2019
Villagers work together to harvest by hand the rice on mountainside terraces in Nam Cang, Vietnam. © Martin Stephens / X-Pedition Hanoi 2019