How to Join Us

© David Hobby / X-Peditions

Our 2020 season, which includes trips to Vietnam in September and November, is now open for enrollment:

If history is any guide, X-Peditions’ total of 24 slots for 2020 are likely to fill quickly. Here’s how to ensure you are able to attend a future trip.

People who have traveled with us previously have first priority on future trips. After that, we open the trips to people who had been wait-listed on prior trips. Next, we open to the people who have signed up on the advance notification list on this page.

(If you have never traveled with us before, being on this list is the best way to ensure timely notification of an upcoming trip.)

If any slots remain after opening the trip to the advance notice list, only then do we announce availability to the general public.

If you think you even might be interested in traveling with us, you are advised to add your name to the list. You are under no obligation, we won’t spam you, and we won’t share your information.