Meet the Team

X-Peditions is a collaboration between and Focus on the Story.

David Hobby is the lead instructor for all X-Peditions trips.

He spent 20 years as a staff photojournalist, completing more than 10,000 assignments before leaving The Baltimore Sun in 2006 to found Over the past 14 years Strobist has since grown to be the world’s most popular resource for professional-level photographic lighting education.

David has taught scores of workshops and classes in cities across the U.S. and around the world. In 2014, he produced the video series The Traveling Photographer, for The series features episodes filmed on location in New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong and Dubai.

Joe Newman is the founder and executive director of Focus on the Story, a D.C.-based organization which supports and encourages visual storytellers of diverse backgrounds in bringing attention to critical issues, bridging cultural gaps and sparking social change.

Joe began his career in Florida, where he worked as an award-winning reporter and editor at the Orlando Sentinel, St. Petersburg Times and Palm Beach Post. He was spent the past 12 years in Washington, D.C. leading media strategy at various non-profits.

Thu Le Hoia is X-Peditions’ Hanoi-based producer. For the past ten year she’s worked behind the scenes for journalists, filmmakers and commercial photography teams in Vietnam. Her specialty is helping us to get a peek behind the curtain in a country that, while friendly, can often be culturally difficult to navigate.

Emanuele Siracusa has made Lisbon his adopted home after moving to the Portuguese capital from Italy. He works in the city as a photographer and guide, and specializes in weddings and portraiture.

Ajay Maharjan is a Kathmandu-based location photographer. His deep knowledge of the Nepalese customs and culture, along with his experience as a street photography guide, make him an ideal local producer for our project.