Who Should Go

© David Hobby / X-Peditions

We appreciate that embarking on an experience like this is no small commitment. Which is why we want to help you make sure that a trip like this is right for you, and you for it.

We cater to a wide range of photographic abilities. If you are comfortable with concepts such as f/stops and shutter speeds, shooting in manual mode, basic compositional skills, etc., you’ll be fine. For those of you with more experience, we’ll see that in your photos and find ways to challenge you throughout the week.

You won’t need a ton of camera gear. In fact, we’ll encourage you to travel light. We’ll help you to choose what gear to bring and explain how you can benefit from a more nimble approach.

More important than your photo skills and gear questions are your mental attributes. We will be working in environments that are likely very different from those you are used to.

Are you open to new ideas? Can you hit a curve ball? Can you maintain a sense of humor in a challenging situation? These are learned behaviors that are strong predictors of success, both in travel and location photography.

It’s perfectly natural to be a little anxious at the thought of wandering around a city—or a rice paddy in the middle of nowhere—10,000 miles from home. We’ll help you replace that with feelings of confidence and self-reliance.

There is no mechanism for personal growth more effective than world travel. Even better, thoughtful photography and travel work hand in hand, each experience feeding the other.

© David Hobby / X-Peditions

Good photos don’t come and find you at the hotel bar. Be prepared to explore and to cover a lot of ground. You should be comfortable with the idea of walking five miles with your gear over the course of a typical day in a city. Or maybe a valley. Because that will happen, and often without you even realizing you did it.

Here’s the thing: good photographers aren’t as lucky as you might think. They prepare before the fact, and then put in the hours and effort on the ground to make that luck happen. It can sometimes be a slog. But on those special days when you come back with an amazing picture, it’s totally worth it.

Lastly, X-Peditions usually include day and/or overnight trips out of the city into rural environments that may include modest terrain and are very likely to be several hours away from any meaningful medical services. As a result, if you are considering joining us you should be in good health, physically self-reliant and comfortable operating in a variety of environments.

If you have any concerns as to whether a trip is suitable for you, please contact us before registering. We will be happy to answer any questions.