COVID-19 RECOVERY UPDATE: We are carefully monitoring the coronavirus pandemic both at home and in our destination countries. As the vaccination process continues to evolve throughout the world, we are starting to get a better timeline for when we can resume X-Peditions travel.

If you are already on the X-Peditions Interest List keep an eye out for our new schedule announcement, which should be arriving soon!

X-Peditions is an international photography workshop designed and led by former journalists. Our mission is to challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and to help you to grow both as a traveler and a photographer.

Two to three times each year, we travel as a small group to one of the world’s most interesting cities. Once there, we spend a week or more learning, shooting and exploring in a team environment as we work to become more thoughtful, observant and skilled location photographers.

Good photos don’t come and find you at the hotel bar. So we wander and explore—a lot. We make pictures. We edit together, both peer-to-peer and instructor-to-student. We make more pictures. We edit some more.

We make the effort to meet local people, which leads to great experiences and better photos. It’s also how we discover first-hand that, as global citizens, deep down we are all far more alike than we are different.

We dive into the local food culture. In fact, if there is anything on an X-Peds trip that competes with photography for mindshare, it’s food.

We share drinks and swap stories. We arrive as strangers (at least for the first-timers) and leave as friends.

If this sounds like you—or a version of you that could happen with a little nudge—then please consider joining us on our next trip.